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Nuovo regolamento temporaneo, in ragione dell’emergenza Covid-19: 
 1)      Il tirocinio PUÒ essere svolto in modalità ‘smart-working’ 
 2)      Il tirocinio PUÒ essere svolto in qualsiasi paese (indipendentemente dalla cittadinanza) 
 3)      Il tirocinio PUÒ essere sostituito da un insegnamento a scelta (di pari numero di CFU del tirocinio) tramite servizio ticketing    


 New temporary regulation, due to the Covid-19 emergency: 
1) The internship CAN be carried out in a 'smart-working' mode 
2) The internship CAN be done in any country (regardless of citizenship
3) The internship CAN be replaced by an elective course (same number of CFU) through ticketing service
Course description 
 The internship (curricular stage) is part of a training project agreed between the student and both the academic tutor and the company tutor. It is generally 150 hours long (6 credits).   The internship must have a formative value for the student, both in terms of applications and content. It may be related to management, planning, lab/field experimental activities, facility/site inspections, data analysis and processing. The activity takes place at a host institution (public or private) and the hours will be distributed over a period no longer than 6 months. The activities must be carried out at a different time than that of a specific semester of the academic year. In addition to the hours of activity at the host institution, there are hours for the preparation of a brief final report.   

 Contact person for Petroleum and Mining Engineering: Prof. Rocca Vera (vera.rocca@polito.it) and Prof. Martinelli Daniele (daniele.martinelli@polito.it)    

Key points
  • Minimum number of ECTS credits: 48; 
  • The internship cannot be carried out at Universities or Research Centers; 
  • For professional training abroad: the applicant cannot have the  citizenship or being native of the country where the internship period  is carried out, except for double citizenships. Exceptions to this rule are  represented by cases in which the host company has institutional  relations with the Politecnico di Torino in the context of existing and  valid framework agreements or research contracts or in case the  mobility for the internship period is establish by double-degrees  programs. 
  • The internship must be included in the academic plan of study at the beginning of the academic year. It can be replaced (at the end of the semester) with a course of your choice (but you cannot do the opposite)
  • A final technical report must be submitted to the academic tutor. The report, signed by the academic tutor, must then be upload on the student webpage together with the timesheet.

 Additional information
Instructions on the platform in which students can upload their internship project and track/report internship progress until completion, can be found at: https://didattica.polito.it/pdf/Procedura_Lato_Studente.pdf During the year, meetings with companies/institutions are planned to get to know companies and evaluate internship offers (TIME FOR JOB). 

More details can be found at: https://careerservice.polito.it/   

 Extending the duration of your internship (valid for Master’s degree programmes only)   Internships have a given duration (hours) and provide a certain number of credits as specified in the Annual Personal Study Plan. You can extend the duration of your internship (number of hours) by selecting one of the options available in the field “Expected no. of hours”. You can only do this operation before the beginning of your internship and not while you are doing it. In any case, you cannot do more than 900 hours (maximum amount of hours may vary for each study course). Any request to extend the duration of an internship must be decided together with the Host Company. It MUST also be approved by a Polito faculty member (your Academic Tutor or the Internship Coordinator for your degree programme) who may reject your proposal. In this case, you need to make a new proposal and fill out a new Progetto Formativo. If your Progetto Formativo is approved, it means that the extension of your internship and the extra hours have been accepted too. At the end of an internship with extended duration, you will see that the internship is recorded in your transcript as follows: INTERNSHIP with standard hours/credits in accordance with the rules of  your degree programme (i.e., 6 credits/ 150 hours) plus the annotation “curricular internship extension” with your extra hours/credits. These credits will be recorded in your transcript as credit overload (they do not count towards the 120-credit threshold required for Master’s graduation)