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Graduate internship
Graduate internships are intended for candidates who have already been awarded their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. A graduate internship are an opportunity for you to enter the job market and make use of the competencies you have acquired during your studies.

You can ask us to start a graduate internship for you within 12 months of your graduation date. The maximum duration of a graduate internship is 6 months. If we start for you more than one internship, the maximum overall duration of all graduate internships can't be more than 6 months. In accordance with Italian law (DGR no.85-6227 of 22/12/2017), you receive a pay during your graduate internship. The minimum gross monthly pay is € 300.00 for 20 hours a week (part-time). This pay increases proportionally to the number of working hours up to a maximum of 40 hours per week (€ 600.00 a month). 

Please note that your pay may vary depending on the Italian region where you do your internship. Please check the regional legislation of the region where you intend to do your internship. 


You need to find an Academic Tutor and write his/her name on your Progetto Formativo. Normally students choose their Thesis Supervisor for this role.  

Click HERE to view the internship announcements posted by companies.      First of all, you need to define your internship tasks, duration, work schedule, duty station in agreement with the company where you would like to do your internship. There are some COMPULSORY DOCUMENTS that you must submit before you start your insterhsip:   ·      
  • Convenzione di tirocinio (agreement): official agreement made between Politecnico di Torino and the Host Company ·        
  • Progetto Formativo.  

 IMPORTANT: You do not necessarily need to come to our office during opening times to submit your internship documents. Make sure your documents have been duly filled out and signed and drop them in the letterbox located outside our Office. Avoid queues!

You can start your internship only after submitting the required documentation to the Office of Career Services.   

 The terms of your internship can be modified even after its beginning. In some cases, you might need to modify the terms of your internship because you need to extend its duration to improve your experience, suspend it for a short period when the company closes or quit your internship before its expected end date because you have been hired by the company itself. To learn more about how to request a change please read the section Modifying or Suspending Your Internship.  

Convenzione di Tirocinio (agreement)
The Convenzione di tirocinio (agreement) is an official agreement made between Politecnico di Torino and your Host Company. It must be signed BEFORE you start your internship.    

To find out if a company has already entered into an agreement with Politecnico di Torino, you can:

1) check if the company you are searching for is already included in our database when you fill out your Progetto Formativo (search it by company name in the section Azienda); 
2) contact us – open a ticket from the Internship section   

 If a Host Company does not have an agreement with Politecnico di Torino, the company must register on our website from this link :http://stagejob.polito.it/aziende/attivare_un_tirocinio 
Please note: it’s the company’s responsibility to register on our website, not yours.

In accordance with current law, there are two types of agreements: Agreement for Curricular Internships and Agreement for Graduate Internships.   

Upon registration, the company receives the access credentials to log into our platform (company personal page). From this page the company can fill out a form and request to enter into an Agreement for Curricular Internships or into an Agreement for Graduate Internships with Politecnico di Torino. The system will generate an Agreement which must be signed, stamped and sent to the Office of Career Services (c.so Castel Fidardo 39, 10129 Torino). Two revenue stamps must be attached to the Agreement (original copy)

This procedure must be followed also to renew an expired agreement. Agreements signed before 19/02/2018 are valid for curricular internships only (not for graduate internships).  
 To retrieve lost access credentials, click: http://stagejob.polito.it/aziende/attivare_un_tirocini   

An Agreement enters into force after it has been signed by Politecnico di Torino.   IMPORTANT: public organizations must digitally sign the Agreement (in compliance with Legislative decree no. 10 of 15/02/2002)

   Agreement for Graduate Internships template

Progetto formativo (Training Project)
The Progetto Formativo (training project) is a document that you have to submit BEFORE you start your internship It includes the following information:   ·         your personal data; 
  •  information on your Host Company and contact details of your Company Tutor (the person who will assist and guide you during your activities at your Host Company); 
  • contact details of your Academic Tutor, a PoliTo faculty member in charge of verifying that the contents and activities carried out during your internship actually match those declared by your Host Company. 
  • work schedule and internship duration. We need this information to provide appropriate insurance coverage (for Ispettorato del Lavoro); 
  • expected training outcomes, contents and activities
 How to fill out your Progetto Formativo: 
 Go to Politecnico Teaching Portal:  https://didattica.polito.it/
  1. Log into your personal page using your access credentials. 
  2. Click the STAGE tab and go to “Componi ora il tuo Progetto Formativo”.
  3. Check if the company already has an agreement with Politecnico – search by company name from the section Azienda.
  4. If you find the company in our database, it means that the company already has an agreement with Politecnico. You can continue and fill out your Progetto Formativo.
  5. If the company is not included in our database, read the section Convenzione di Tirocino (agreement) and follow the procedure. Then go back to step 7.
  6. Carefully fill out your Progetto Formativo; if you miss some information, ask your Company Tutor or your Academic Tutor.
  7. Print your Progetto Formativo.
  8. Your Progetto Formativo needs to be signed by: you, the Host Company (HR Manager or legal representative) and your Academic Tutor
  9. Go back to your personal page of the Teaching Portal and check if the information contained in your online form matches the paper version. 
Your Company Tutor will receive an e-mail asking him to confirm his/her e-mail address. If your Company Tutor does not confirm his/her e-mail address, you cannot print your Progetto Formativo.   Make sure you submit the original copy of your Progettp Formativo (duly signed) to the Office of Career Services at least 7 days before you start your internship in order to allow enough time for administrative procedures and insurance coverage.   

   IMPORTANT: if you are going to do a graduate internship outside Piemonte, you must submit your Progetto Formativo to the Office of Student Services at least 20 days before you start your internship.

Modifying or suspending your Internship
The terms of an internship can be modified even after its beginning to fulfil the needs of the Host Company or the intern. In some cases, you might need to modify the terms of your internship because you need to extend its duration to improve your experience or suspend it for study reasons or for a holiday break. In other cases, you might need to change your work schedule or duty station due to business trips.  In most fortunate cases an internship can be interrupted because the company decides to hire you with a regular employment contract.
But whatever the reason may be to change your Progetto Formativo, you need to inform Politecnico following this procedure: 1.     Go to the Teaching Portal https://didattica.polito.it/.
  1. Log into your personal page using your access credentials. 
  2. Click the STAGE tab and select your Progetto Formativo.
  3. Click “Richiesta Variazione” and enter the information required. When you click the Go button.
  4. The system will send a confirmation e-mail to your Company Tutor with your data.
  5. Your Company Tutor must confirm your data by clicking the link available in the message.
  6. After this confirmation, the Office of Career Services will approve your request.
  7. You will receive an e-mail confirming that your changes have been approved.

  Internship booklet, evaluation questionnaire, certificate
At the end of your internship, you are required to:   ·         submit your internship booklet (duly signed by both your Company and Academic Tutors) to the Office of Career Services within 15 days of the end date of your internship. ·         fill out an online evaluation questionnaire (go to your personal page of the Teaching Portal – click STAGE tab -  select your internship) ·         submit your certificate of experience and your personal report, duly filled out and signed by both your Company and Academic Tutor.